Grafton’s Coffee On The Go

Alyssa Richards, Staff 2018-2019

If you love your morning coffee, then you are in luck.  Dr. Boyer’s class, Project Explore, in 324 has came up with an idea to start a business in the school for coffee.  Students in the class came up with the idea to make money to put towards helping out the school and to develop job skills for the future.

The students took surveys from the staff and concluded that 43% say they’d pay $1.00 for coffee to be shipped to your door.  10% says they would like decaf coffee, and 13% say they like light roast.

39% say they prefer coffee creamer, but 7% percent don’t care for it too much.  16% say they like to include sugar to make it more tasty.

This student ran business will provide communication skills, job skills, and help students to set and have goals.

Students have set it up to where they can take orders through Microsoft Office only on A days.  They plan to deliver by 7:45am on A days.

“To make sure we get it all right, we will practice, practice, practice” – says the whole class.

The money goes towards field trips and any other activities around the school.