Grafton’s Newest Boy Band

Clare Mackrella, Staff

Say hello to Grafton’s hottest new musical group. The six person boy band has everyone talking. What started as a joke between friends Tim Asher and Steven Petit quickly became a dream they were determined to pursue.

The members of the band consist of Seniors Tim Asher (under rap name, Tim Yeezy), Fred Choi, Nathan Hass, Cody Keene, Calvin Moore, and Steven Petit. The boys designed the band as part of a project for Ms. Logan’s AP Government class, where students have the option to do a “creative assignment” for every test and make a video about the current unit. Brahcapella’s main areas of music are parodies and covers of popular songs.

“Our music is educational and high quality. We strive to improve with every new single and we hope to top the charts some day,” Tim Asher said.

The members all take on equal roles of writing lyrics, recording their music, and the videography. Asher edits the videos and audio and his character Tim Yeezy raps when needed.

Brahcapella’s inspiration is drawn from CNN 10’s Carl Azuz. Ms. Logan shows CNN 10 at the beginning of every Government class, with Carl Azuz as the anchor. “Because the band originated from our Government classes, it seemed obvious to choose him as our band’s icon, as we watch him together every day in class,” band member Calvin Moore stated.

The band’s first single was released  on October 16, 2018. The song is titled “Kings Like You (ft. Tim Yeezy)”, as a parody to “Girls Like You (ft. Cardi B)” by Maroon 5. The boys decided to make the song about the second chapter in their Government book, The Revolutionary War. The song mimics the Declaration of Independence, listing some of the colonists grievances against the king and explaining the new government structure. The song is currently uploaded on Brahcapella’s YouTube page.

When asked about what the future hopes for the group are, Moore stated, “Personally, I’d like to see the band grow and leave a legacy on the school, or at the very least on Logan’s Government classes.” Brahcapella’s long-term goal is to be recognized on CNN 10 and to meet Carl Azuz, the man who inspired the creation.

Brahcapella’s Instagram is @brahcapella_official and the band has a YouTube channel as well. Fans can request a parody or cover by emailing New videos are expected soon as the group continues to make new music and work towards making Brahcapella known to all.