Pep Rally MC’s, Haley Sutton and Nathan Hass


Alyssa Richards, Staff 2018-2019

As students are getting prepared for the Homecoming dance and Spirit week, our Grafton students are preparing and focusing very hard on this years pep rally.  This comes with a lot of communication and practice before the big day.  For this years Homecoming Pep Rally, our MC’s were Haley Sutton and Nathan Hass.  At the beginning of the pep rally, they had the seniors run in as a special entrance.  I reached out to both the seniors and asked them both about the experience they had.

“We had to try out.  We prepped and had to read a script in front of judges, describe our intro, and show how we would hype up the crowd.” says Nathan.

“Tryouts were more nerve racking then the actual pep rally because I was all by myself, however; I have been in the gym my whole life due to my mom and I was ready and prepared when I went.  It was so much better than I expected.” says Haley

“I really wasn’t nervous, until Friday morning.  Even though we had practiced a lot, I realized just how many people were going to be watching me,  It kinda freaked me out, but I settled down by 3rd block and just focused on what I needed to do.” says Nathan.

“I was a little nervous due to the microphone system not working but Nathan and I practiced so much and I knew we were going to kill it.” says Haley

“The experience was awesome.  Haley was great to work with and it was so much fun.  I really enjoy showing my school spirit and getting to that in front of the entire school was a great experience.  I would love to do it again.  It was such a blast and I feel like I could do even better this time now that I have some of the kinks worked out.” says Nathan.

“I absolutely loved it.  Dancing in front of everyone was so much fun and all my friends were hyping me up.  I had a blast and everyone said I did great.  I loved the energy and Nathan and I for sure thrived off of it.” says Haley

“100% would do it again.  I had a blast and loved seeing everyone in the stands including teachers and parents enjoying the pep rally.  I love making people happy and I hope that’s what Nathan and I did.” says Haley.