Microstates of the World

Elijah Barb, Staff 2018-2019

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Our view of nation states has been established since we were small; big, land and sea encompassing borders with a system or group of people governing whatever is in those encompassing borders. However, how big does a nation state need to be? Does it need to be democratic?  Can it be separate yet inside of another nation?

Microstates are where declarations of independence from a mother nation are made by a small area of land. They usually are not recognized as sovereign, neither by the nation of their founding nor the United Nations, however still generally have some form of governmental set up.

Examples of these are nations such as Molossia, a micro-nation founded in Nevada, which runs itself as a military dictatorship / banana republic and still pays property taxes to the county in which it resides, although its leader, Kevin Baugh, refers to it as “foreign aide”.

Some microstates, however, are actually sovereign, independent, and gain money, then being called a “Microstate”. Vatican City, a well known microstate in Italy, is completely sovereign and independent, as well as their independence being recognized in the United Nations.

Another sovereign microstate is Monaco, with its most famous city being Monte Carlo. It is well known for its tourism, casinos, and no income taxes. Both of these nations are run under a monarchy and constitutional monarchy, respectively, with the monarch and the government sharing power.

Some microstates, however, are a more tounge-in-cheek, then called “micronations”. For example, the Aerican Empire. It claims several places around the world and some extraterrestrial bodies. It claims extend from Canada to Australia, and has no capital; although it does claim Earth under its belt, but says the actual physical location of Earth is in Quebec, as well as the north hemisphere of Pluto.

Another micronation, founded relatively recently in 2016, is Asgardia. It claims sovereignty over the space occupied by a satellite they launched, named “Asgard-1”. They claim the demonym  “Asgardian” and are working towards United Nations recognition.

While these small states are funny, they should be taken seriously as governmental bodies unless they do not have their independence. But, there are several more around the world, and in the US, so one should look into them for more information.


Websites : https://www.molossia.org , http://w2.vatican.va , https://www.visitmonaco.com/ , http://www.aericanempire.com/, https://asgardia.space/en/