BO4 Game Review

Isaac Montieth, Staff

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Move over Fortnite, there’s a new gaming sensation. Black Ops 4, the new game in the long running Call of Duty Series, dropped earlier this month to the delight of players around the world. The First Person Shooter (FPS) had quite the hype surrounding it and its new game mode known as “Blackout”, a battle royale where players battle until there’s one last survivor on the map. While there were early doubts surrounding the quality the game would bring to the table, its recent drop sold millions of copies around the world with the game becoming quite the phenomenon.

James Seufzer, a Junior at Grafton, is a frequent player of the series and the new game brought nothing but excitement to his free time. “It’s done nothing but improve on the mistakes of its predecessors,” he said. “It’s worth the buy and it’s crazy fun to play with my friends.”

However, not all buyers of the game have the same sentiments as Seufzer.

“I’ve refunded it twice; it’s not worth the buy and is an embarrassment to the franchise,” Junior John Golden said.

The game has three different modes: Multiplayer, Zombies, and the aforementioned Blackout. Multiplayer is a normal shooter experience, yet with the refined game play and content, it is an enjoyable play to most players. Alongside this comes Black Ops 4’s Zombies mode, a survival match where players team up across different maps to survive hordes of zombiesThese combined with the Blackout makes BO4 a fine-tuned game, worth the purchase from both personal and peer review.