Make-up Days

Nathan Hensley, Staff

Make-up days are used when school is cancelled for an extended period of time. The county has already modified the 2018-19 school year, after missing four consecutive days after Hurricane Florence was expected to hit York County, and another one due to the Hurricane Michael aftermath.

“Make-up days are counter-productive, and a lot of students do not show up for them,” AP English teacher Mrs. Brown said. She finds these days hard to plan for, since students may not have been notified about the closure. Because of that, students sometimes do not show up.

“Since we missed days because of a mandatory evacuation, we should not have missed anything for that,” Brown said. When Hurricane Florence was looking like a strong category four and five storm, certain zones of York County was told to evacuate because of the governor’s state of emergency call. Because of this, Mrs. Brown thinks that a make-up day should not have been enforced.

“It makes it hard to rearrange my teaching schedule.” For Mrs. Brown and most teachers, these missed days and make-up days mess up teachers’ schedule, and puts them behind. It also provides a dilemma because of the attendance on make-up days being lower, teachers have to decide if they want to teach anything and have students who missed make them up, or just have no new learning material.

“Make-up days make sense, but they are inconvenient,” Junior Brandon Godin said.

Godin thinks that although they make sense for making up missed days, they are an inconvenience because students make plans assuming they still have that day off. “The county should have worked around the possibility of missing school,” he said. Since the chance of York County missing school due to weather is high, he said that they should have been better prepared for the inevitable event that school will be missed.

The opinion of make-up days is common between teachers and students; they both feel like they are inconvenient because people already have plans around these days, meaning students and teachers have to change plans and go out of their way to change their schedule.