Student Section

Lexi Holmes, Staff

The student section is a portion of fans at each sporting event specifically for the students cheering for the team. The stands are full of many students screaming and chanting for their team.  Many times at the games, especially football, have themed games.  For example the students are decked out in camo, pink, Hawaiian, blackout, the GHS colors, etc.  The cheerleaders engage with the student section, doing cheers with them and many other chants to help our school spirit. This year, we have a new student-led organization called the “Clipper Crazies”, which is a group of students who attend almost all of the sporting events, cheering for them in the student section.  This group is mainly led by, senior, Fiona Minter.

“I chose to start it to help build school spirit this year and include every grade.  I think supporting every team is very important” stated by Fiona Minter.

The players love when their school has a big student section because there is constant chanting and fun spirit for the school.  It encourages the players at games, and makes it more exciting.  “Clipper Crazies” get fun when doing chants with the cheerleaders, cheering for the players, wearing crazy outfits, and screaming under the Friday night lights.

Another student involved in this group, Nick Bland, stated, “It’s my senior year and I wanted to be even more spirited than the previous years.  Also, I love cheering with my friends and especially doing the ‘lean-a-lean’ cheer.  It is just been something I have looked forward to every football game since freshman year.”