Complicated College Applications

Sarah Goble, Staff

Everyone is aware of how hard it is to get into colleges, especially towards the end of senior year. Everyone is rushing to get their applications into the best colleges, and the competition is high. Unfortunately, not everyone can get in; some colleges are looking for well-rounded people who know what they want, and hopefully know what they want to major in.

So what makes a good college application, and how can one prepare for when they submit theirs?  Multiple students that are planning to go to college after their senior year seek advice from former English teachers and/or guidance counselors. Many would agree that this is a great strategy, seeing as the counselors can help guide students with the credits they need, the grades they will require, and the extra curricular activities they’ll need to be a part of.

Students could also seek help from their English teachers; some might struggle in writing and want to make sure everything is grammatically correct. Not everyone has a gift or talent for writing, and would like assistance. Regardless of one’s writing skill, it’s still okay to have someone to look over their application.

Guidance counselor, Mrs. Ericcson, had given some advice on what to do, and how one can prepare for submitting their application.

When preparing to submit your application, have a look over it multiple times. Especially after editing/revising it. It’s recommended to go to an English teacher or your guidance counselor. “It’s  good to have someone who has experience with the English material to review the application before submitting. It’s also good to have a sit down with the students parents to make sure all of the in state and out of state requirements are completed.” Ericson says.

“I recommend 4-6 different ones. Apply to 1-2 safety colleges that you know for sure that you would get into incase you don’t make it to the college of your first choice, apply to 1-2 colleges that accept 50% of the students that want to apply, and don’t rule out applying to private universities.” When choosing to apply to college, the decision will always be hard. But when the time comes for you to apply, apply to multiple colleges. Your number one college might not say yes, and it’s always good to have a college to fall back if need be.

Lots of colleges around the world look for involvement in the community, so keeping records of your service hours and the places you volunteered at is essential. “Keep  record of all your volunteer hours, activities, and community service logs.”

“If the college they want to go to has the major they want, and if students’ sport is a top priority in their life, then absolutely go for it. As long as the college they apply for is interested in you and you really want to go to that specific college, go ahead and apply.” Applying to college with an athletic scholarship is hard work, it can mean that most of your time will go into that specific sport. Anyone can enroll with one, but it’s advised that you do so only if that sport is high on your priority list and if the college is interested in you.