Senior of the Month- September

October 15, 2018

For the month of September, Abby Zwirschitz was senior of the month.

Abby was very surprised she says, when she found out she was senior of the month.

“When I first found out I was super surprised; I actually picked up the school board’s call to my parents and told them I was my mom, so I was shocked the whole time the lady was telling me.”

“I really enjoy going to them and cheering in the student section with all of my friends.  I don’t think I will ever forget those memories.”

Abby says she will always remember high school football games.

Abby has two favorite teachers.  She says they are Mrs. Brown and Ms. Jacobsen.  Although she struggled a lot in their classes they never lost faith in her.  They both always pushed her to do her best and were always there  to help her when she needed it.

“I learned so much in both of their classes and I will always appreciate how they never gave up on me and always believed I could succeed.” says Abby.

Abby plays a sport and also has to balance her time to succeed in her classes.

“If I am being honest it is a lot of late nights.  I always have something going on which causes me to have to focus and work hard when I get home in order to do well in school.  It is never easy, I feel sleep deprived a lot of the time, but I manage to push through and work hard.  I am the person who will study until I get it which is a blessing and a curse because sometimes I don’t get it until 2am.”

The only sport Abby is playing for her senior year is field hockey.  Abby has been playing varsity field hockey since her freshman year.

“I love the sport a lot.  Most of my closest friends play field hockey which makes it so much fun.  I love all my teammates.” says Abby.

Abby’s goals for after school are to go to college and figure out what I want to major in.  Her top three colleges are Virginia Tech, University of Florida, and Florida State.

“After college I hope to go to graduate school and have the ability to travel the world!”



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