Nutrition and Wellness

Attiyah Abdul-Alim, Staff 2018-2019

This school year, a new elective has been introduced to Grafton High. The new class, Nutrition and Wellness, is taught by Mrs. Montini, who also teaches World History 2 and AP Psychology. The class is centered around making choices that promote wellness and good health. Plans for the class throughout the school year include learning about goal setting, organization, fitness, relationships, and happiness.

When asked why she wanted to create a Nutrition and Wellness class at Grafton, Mrs. Montini said she wanted “to teach about holistic wellness; wellness that focuses on the entire body.”

Mrs. Montini hopes that through the class, students will understand the importance of making good health based decisions and choices. “A balanced life is the best life to have,” Montini said. She also hopes the class helps students to gain “skills that allow them to tackle their own life.”

When asked how she thought the class was going so far, Mrs. Montini was optimistic. “I think it’s going well, I think it’s strange that students aren’t given much time in school to focus on themselves and their well-being.”

Nutrition and Wellness class meditating outside

Meditation is an activity that is becoming routine in Nutrition and Wellness. With the use of Headspace, a meditation service app,  students are practicing meditation through Headspace’s guided program. Headspace claims that meditation can help improve focus, and help reduce anxiety and stress.

At first, meditation started in the classroom with only small sessions; however, now the class is now taking their meditation on the move outside of the school thanks to their class set of yoga mats.

Emma Spata, a Senior, had Mrs. Montini for AP Psychology last school year, and after learning about the new Health class, was immediately interested in taking it.

“Mrs. Montini is a good teacher and I enjoyed her class last year, I’m happy to have a class with her again,” Spata said.

When asked about her thoughts on meditation, Spata had positive things to say. “Meditating is nice, I really like when the weather is nice and we meditate outside,” Spata replied.

Alex Roper, also a Senior, expressed enjoyment for meditation. “I love meditating, it’s very calming and relaxing. I’m excited for when we begin yoga,” he said.

Another activity that Nutrition and Wellness students are currently working on is achieving a SMART goal. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable and Observable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive. When planning out their goal, students had to make sure that each of those factors were answered. The goals could be anything realistic that they wanted to accomplish, from getting more sleep to eating healthier.

In the future, students will work with accountability partners to make sure they’re on track to achieving their SMART goals, learn more about happiness and positive relationships, and try out yoga.


Picture taken from Grafton High School twitter (@ClippersGrafton)