Clipper Crazies


Sam Madrigal, Staff 2018-2019

Clipper Crazies is a student led spirit group that tries to promote school spirit. They organize events like tailgates before games, and sometimes, these tailgates have themes.

“The main purpose is for everyone to feel welcomed to cheer and support at events in every grade and not just upperclassmen,”Senior Fiona Minter said. Inclusion is important because in previous years, there has been a divide between all the classes. With this group, that divide could become smaller.

It’s been a reoccurring theme that Freshman have been afraid to show school spirit because typically, Seniors are the ones leading the cheers. The Freshmen think the Seniors are intimidating because of their large amount of school spirit.

This has been shown by the large amount of seniors that have joined this spirit group.

“I joined because I wanted the fans to be more spirited and also the discounted sport pass and t-shirt was a plus,” Senior Brandon Bomboy said when he was asked about the group.

In addition to receiving a t-shirt, the sports pass that Bomboy mentioned costs $30 and gets students into all home games, including football and basketball. The normal student sports pass costs $45, so the discount is definitely worth it.

Senior Kai Hawk joined the club because he wanted to support his fellow classmates. Hawk said, “Yeah I just really wanted to show my school spirit and support for our teams.”

Historically, Grafton’s school spirit has been a little lack-luster, but this club has made it so students can feel more involved with the sports and extracirriculars that contribute to our school’s spirit.

The Homecoming game last Saturday was a prime example of the group’s impact because it was cold and rainy at the game. Most students would much rather stay home and keep warm, but at this game, there were a bunch of students in the stands to support the football team and the football seniors on their senior night.