Back To School Night Being Rescheduled

Samantha Heinz, Staff

Come join us on the night of October 4th to learn about what goes on in the school. This event is intended for parents to learn about what their child does in school and a walk through with their child’s schedule to meet their teachers. Back To School Night is a night where parents can ask questions related to their child’s learning.

“Back To School Night is an opportunity for parents to ask teachers questions, but shouldn’t end up being a one on one meeting”  Activities Director Gerris Greene said.

At this event, parents can get access to their child’s Aspen account and know what grades their student’s are receiving. In the past parents did not have quick access to their child’s grades. This event allows parents to connect their students life at school to the one they understand at home, according to Dr. Martin, one of our assistant principals.

“My parents had to trust me; there was no such thing as Aspen for me” Mr. Greene said.

The teachers will assist parents in logging into their Aspen accounts to check the progress of their student.

Students are not required to come to this event but should consider coming to get to know their teachers outside of the classroom. It is also an opportunity for teachers to get to know their students without the pressure of school. Students may come if they want, but they will not have the same expectations as their parents.

“Historically, back to school night is a parent only event, students have sat in class for a couple weeks now and do not have the same questions parents do,” Dr. Martin said.

The event has tables set out of different clubs and activities, it is an opportunity for parents to learn about what their student could be involved in. All the tables set out are approved by Mr. Greene.

“I email all the clubs and if they say they want a table then I let them have one, basically anyone that asks for a table will get one” Mr.Greene said.

The Special Olympics Club and Key Club will have tables set up on Back To School Night. Both give opportunities for the students to help out in the community.

Back To School Night was originally scheduled for the evening of September 13, but changed due to weather. Hurricane Florence was planning on visiting Virginia which caused the school to reschedule the event. Fortunately, we were not affected by the storm, but there were still evacuations causing conflicts.

This event will also have a photo booth and snow cones.

Come join us!