The Grafton High’s 2018 Marching Band Show

Elijah Barb, Staff 2018-2019

The Grafton band is possibly one of the most cherished and promoted electives that we have here at Grafton. Every football game held at Bailey Field concerning Grafton, people flock to the booths not only to see our football team compete against our long time rivals, but to see the Grafton Band perform their renowned halftime shows.

This year, the theme of the halftime show, according to Natilyn Mann, a Grafton Band Drum Major, is “light versus dark”; Redemption being the title. Mr. Kirsch, the Grafton Band Director, has said the inspiration from this show comes from a Drum Corps International concept from 2011, which he has adapted to fit the Grafton Band. It utilizes two different types of uniforms- the original white uniforms for the woodwind and pit section and the newer red uniforms for the brass and drumline section.

The shows themselves typically last from 7 to 11 minutes, with this years show clocking in at a humble but action packed 7 minutes.

According to Kirsch, “It was a challenge to design it to be able to play off the color contrast, as in being able to combine them and disperse them in ways that blend and clash. It is quite intricate.”

The band uses several formations, all of which were not disclosed, being “a surprise”. However, the Band typically practices on the parking lot behind our school, (which explains the colorful array of tape on along the lines of the parking spots) guiding themselves along in a huge team effort of more than 180 people driven by their peripherals.

“The shows themselves are tiresome, however I love to see people work together. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it,” Mann said about the intensity of the performances.

The band tends to practice these formations in sets, with this year’s show having 72 formations. After working out all the kinks in the actual sets, gaining muscle memory required for the formations and learning all the required music, they combine it all together to form the spectacular that anyone can see played out on Bailey Field.

All of the band’s halftime shows are performed at home football games on Bailey Field. Bailey Field is located behind York High School, near Colonial Yorktown, aka “Yorktown Beach”.

If you are not able to support the band at any of the home football games, they perform at local competitions as well. Their schedule is posted on