New Vice Principal, New Possibilities

With a new Vice Principal in the school, the Clippers have a new horizon with new possibilities

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New Vice Principal, New Possibilities

Zachary Sturm, Staff

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Mr. Page is a Hampton University graduate with a major in applied mathematics. He started his life just outside of Richmond where he grew up and eventually attended Hampton University. He then got a contract at NASA through the Army where he spent his time manipulating coded scripts for the wind tunnel. Now, he is an assistant principal at Grafton High School.

When Mr. Page first entered the working force, he was able to get a contract at NASA as a computer coder for the wind tunnel. When his contract expired at NASA, he then went on to pursue a career in education by teaching at Hampton University.

When there was an opening in Newport News Schools as a math teacher, one of his past Math professors suggested that he apply to become a High School Math teacher. He took up that offer, so he taught math for a few years and then decided that he wanted to pursue administrative education and went to Cambridge College to receive a degree in educational leadership.

When all is said and done, Mr. Page has had an administrative role at a total of four schools, two being high schools and two being middle schools.

Mr. Page has a very positive and uplifting spirit when it comes to school energy. He believes that in order to be successful, a school must have lots of school spirit.

Mr. Page believes that “everybody should feel connected.” He also believes that everybody should participate in at least one extracurricular activity because he believes that builds school spirit. Mr. Page is very excited to be working with the current administration and is very ready for the current school year.

Mr. Page does have some advice for the rest of use as we blossom into adulthood. “You never know what path life will throw at you,” Mr. Page said. Mr. Page’s career path took many unexpected turns and he never really knew what life would throw at him next. From NASA contractor, to a Hampton University professor, to a Newport News School math teacher, and now a York County Vice Principal. He mentioned how nothing in life is guaranteed or granted. You must always be on your toes and cannot afford to just wait for life to come to you.

Mr. Page is always open and ready to help with whatever any student may need throughout the school year. He strongly believes in school inclusiveness and feels that he must carry his weight by helping anyone and everyone at every opportunity possible.