The Garden Club

A Blossoming Extracirricular

Caroline Austin, Staff 2018-2019

There’s a new club sprouting up at Grafton just in time for the 2018-2019 school year. The Garden Club is taking root and setting out to beautify Grafton’s outdoor courtyard, an area that has gone unused for the past several years. Members of the Garden Club hope to restore the area so that, eventually, students and teachers alike can enjoy it to its full potential. Their ultimate goal is to turn the courtyard into a place where students can relax and socialize and teachers can occasionally hold class.

Katharine Lewis, a senior, took initiative along with Allison Kenney, Gracie Nguyen, and Andy Yoo to plant the seed for this eco-friendly coalition.

As of now, the Garden Club meets after school on Tuesdays. They will eventually start meeting outside in the courtyard once an official club roster is established.

Currently, the club has upwards of twenty members. They are eagerly planning to host a variety of special events throughout the year including garden parties, off-campus activities, and a partnership with members of the Special Olympics here at GHS.

Allison Kenney, secretary of the club, spoke out about how to start a club at Grafton. First and foremost, students must speak with Mr. Greene, the Activities Coordinator, to have their club approved. Students must also have a teacher willing to sponsor their club. If their idea is cleared, students must create a constitution and bylaws to outline how the club will be run.

“Do something you’re passionate about, because it is a lot of work. I would say if you’re really interested in doing something and there isn’t a club for it yet, do it! It’s really cool and rewarding, and it looks great on college applications!” Kenney said about the important aspects of creating a club.

If students would like more information on the Garden Club, they can either speak with the club’s president, Katharine Lewis, or the Garden Club sponsor, Ms. Woods, in room 127.