States for Volleyball and Competition Cheer?

Maya Hasenfang, Staff

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States is a dream for every sports team. The state competition consists of the best teams from different regions in Virginia who compete against each other for the State title.

Grafton High School’s outstanding sports teams have won 9 state championships since 1997. Fall sports at Grafton High School continue to work towards their goal of a State title.

Last year, the volleyball and competition cheer team qualified for the state competition. The competition cheer team ended up winning first and the volleyball team got second. This year, both teams hope to make another appearance at states.

After the volleyball team’s disappointing loss to Louden County, they came into this season determined and hungry for another chance at the state title. The team is undefeated and practices up to 20 hours a week.

“In order for us to win, we need to communicate and have a high energy level on the court,” Junior Kennedy Hoge, member of the volleyball team, said. She and her teammates have the dedication and a strong bond on the court.

“I believe we will make it to states again as long as we continue to encourage each other and stay positive,” Junior Olivia Small said. The Grafton volleyball team predicts an undefeated season and a second appearance in the state championship, with the hope of winning the state title.

Back-to-back state champions, the competition cheer team have excelled in the State tournament for the past two years. They plan to continue their winning streak this year and take home the title.

The comp cheer team dedicates 3 hours of their day, 6 days a week, to practicing their routine and stunts. Senior on the competition cheer team, Lauren Macdonald, presumes they will be one of the top 3 teams in the competition.

To finalize their position in states, Junior Jackson Amirshahi said: “If we come together as a team and push ourselves to work hard we will be able to hit our routines, making us one step closer to states.” The competition cheer team predicts that they will place in the state competition, hoping to achieve a third state win.

Both Grafton sports teams have a goal for states that they are putting in hard work to reach.