New iPhones! Best iPhones EVER Created?

Sarah Goble, Staff

Has Apple made a huge mistake or a major breakthrough with their newest iPhone models? Apple released three new iPhones in early September which were the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Along with three new iPhones, Apple created a new Series 4 Apple watch which can now take an ECG (electrocardiogram) straight from your wrist.

There has been a big debate on whether or not this iPhone is valuable. Regardless of the quality of the phone, Apple has come a long way since the first computer they created (The Apple-1), and they’re making great progress with creating amazing technology.

So many teens and adults in the world have been positively influenced by Apple’s creations, and they will continue to change the way people live their life, so much so that one might believe that Apple’s creations are going to lead to amazing things in the future.

A couple of students agreed that they would consider purchasing a new iPhone, while others disagreed completely and thought that it was a waste of money considering Apple would come out with another new iPhone next year.

Freshman Erin Otten says, “No, I would not want to purchase one of the new iPhones. The size isn’t something I’d want to invest in.” This can be agreed with among many other students seeing as most of them have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.

Sophomore Teddy Goetz said, ” I wouldn’t buy one because there are issues with the phone not charging when you place it on the charger. The phone is too overpriced, and I won’t use the full potential of the phone.”

Many students in this high school don’t have the newest iPhones considering they had just been released, but with the iPhone X, only a few students have purchased it. Most think that it’s overpriced and not worth the investment, or they wouldn’t use the phone to the fullest potential.