Grafton Welcomes Two New English Teachers

Ahyoka Stephens, Staff

This year, Grafton has welcomed two new English teachers, Mr. Sinclair, and Mrs. Papas. Both are members of the English department and after having the chance to interview them, there’s no denying that they are excited to be here.

Mr. Sinclair has been teaching for 17 years and has previously worked as a reading specialist. He was originally on track to become a college professor, but the program he was enrolled in during college was shut down. That’s when he decided to get his teaching license instead. He then became fascinated in how the learning process works and desired to share his love and appreciation for the English language.

Mr. Sinclair claims, “A really good sentence excites me for some reason, and I like to see if I can pass some of that on to other people.”

Also new to Grafton is Mrs. Papas, who has been teaching for six years. Originally a copy editor, Mrs. Papas decided to switch over to teaching because she was unhappy with her job and craved more human interaction.

She had spent lots of time working at summer camps and child care centers beforehand and really enjoyed working with the older kids. She then decided to get her teaching license and focus on secondary school students.

Mrs. Papas believes that English is a crucial class because it is geared more towards students’ internal needs and is excited to share her love of literature with others. “I feel like English class to me, because I enjoy it so much, feels more like a book club than work,” Papas said.

Mr. Sinclair and Mrs. Papas were both attracted to Grafton this year through recommendations from others. Mr. Sinclair has been hoping to move his family out of the city and was told that York County was the place to be. When he inquired about teaching jobs, he was told that Grafton was the best, and so far he agrees. He says that since becoming a Grafton Clipper, both the students and staff have been immensely welcoming and helpful, which he truly appreciates.

Mrs. Papas, on the other hand, actually came to Grafton because of our principal, Mrs. Cataldo. She had previously worked for Mrs. Cataldo at Woodside and really enjoyed doing so. After taking a year off, Mrs. Papas heard that Mrs. Cataldo was now at Grafton, so she thought it would be fun to work with her again.

Overall, both teachers are off to a splendid start, and can’t wait to see what Grafton has in store for them.