Wakey wakey, no eggs and bakey?


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Hannah Andersen, Staff 2017-2019

Everybody knows the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is there any truth to this statement?

According to NPR.org, students who skip breakfast tend to score lower on tests, and they  are more unhealthy than those who do eat breakfast. Eating this meal greatly enhances one’s concentration, boosts energy, and helps them perform better at school. The brain needs glucose to function well, especially after a long night of fasting.

Senior Christina Sabochick is one of many students who admit they skip this meal.

“I don’t eat breakfast because I wake up too late,” Sabochick said.

Although Sabochick is part of the large majority at Grafton, her decision to skip breakfast has negative consequences. Studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to be unhealthier and score lower on tests. Skipping this meal negatively affects your body’s eating schedule and, as a result, messes up your body and its health.

People who do eat breakfast said that they feel better as a result.

“I get more work done, and stay on task better,” sophomore Amanda Mounts said.

There is a lot of research that supports her statement. According to NPR.org, eating breakfast allows for better concentration, understanding, and remembrance of information taught during class.

Students who said they eat breakfast argue that it should not be difficult to make time for.

“It takes me 0.0 seconds to make my breakfast, I just eat cereal,” junior Kira Freedman said.

Researchers say the benefits outweigh the cost of lost time making and eating breakfast in the mornings.

According to NPR, experts recommend eating foods that are filled with protein and good carbohydrates. This includes foods like toast with jam, pancakes, oatmeal with fruits in it, and cereal.  

It’s important to feed yourself in the morning so you can be energized and ready to face the school day. However, experts recommend staying away from sugary foods as eating these can be as bad as not eating breakfast.

According to NPR, sugar can cause a peak in a blood-sugar, which gives you in energy for a short time. After an hour or so, the blood-sugar levels dramatically fall. This drop causes a decrease in concentration and a negative change in mood.  

Eating a good breakfast will set the tone for the rest of the day; it will set a successful tone for the rest of the day. So choose to be healthier and more successful by eating breakfast.