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Claudia Hasenfang, Arts Editor

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*This article reviews an artist with explicit lyrics. Some profanity has been modified.

Caleb Reed came out with his album called “Lost Souls” on December 9, 2017. The album contained six songs that addressed issues Reed comes across in life.

Starting in the fifth grade, Caleb took an interest with poetry. He wrote religiously in his notebook, filling it with many poems. He made the transition from writing poems to songs in his sophomore year following his older brother who rapped in his free time.

“You can put more emotion into songs and get it across to more people,” Caleb explained.

Caleb writes all his songs by himself, and he finds his inspiration in his feelings. He wants his songs to be original thoughts and writing from his own personal feelings and experiences is the best way he found to accomplish that.

Most of his songs surround his experiences with depression and discovering himself. In one of Caleb’s songs, Come Out Boy, he comes out and talks about how he is bisexual.

Writing this song was both easy and hard for Reed, not knowing what responses he would receive.

“Today homophobia is a reoccurring issue and it becomes a punchline for societal jokes; this makes it hard for people to accept who they are. So, in the song all I say is that you must learn to accept yourself that way you can be confident enough to let society accept you,” Reed said.

Since coming out Caleb has found his friends to be really accepting and although his family is not dealing with it the same way his friends are, he found coming out to be a relief.

Caleb found his friends to be a huge help with coming out.

“Your real friends are going to be the ones who will stick with you and treat you the same. Being happy in life comes from being surrounded by people who accept you for you and people who help you learn to accept yourself,” Caleb said.

Reed’s strength to come out through his music is something that many of his friends are proud of; some have shared their views on it.

“I think it’s great he finally found the courage to come out, and his music was definitely a help to let him do that,” senior Jade Williams said.

“It’s a way for him to release his energy,” senior Matteo Dumas said, “Caleb’s music helps him deal, it’s an outlet, it’s what helped him find the courage to come out.”

“When I first listened to the album I didn’t catch the meaning, but after the second time listening to it I understood and I was just really happy he had the courage to come out and do it in a unique way,” senior Rosa Acosta said.

Throughout the writing process, Caleb learned that “Social acceptance is only in your head.”

“I like dudes and females, don’t ask me for no motha f- details” -Caleb Reed, lyric from Come Out Boy