Do what you can


Mrs. Conradi

Mrs. Montini's class poses with their collected cans for the SCA food drive

Hannah Andersen, Staff 2017-2019

Students donated over 4,800 cans and raised $872.68 during the week of November 27 through December 1 for Grafton’s SCA’s canned food drive, which benefited the York County Food Closet.

Mrs. Whitney Cataldo, principal, encouraged students to donate money by making a deal with students; if 500 dollars were raised, she said she would sumo wrestle a teacher at the pep rally. The 2AB class who collected the most cans was allowed to pick who Cataldo wrestled.

Mrs. Dena Montini’s 2AB AP Psychology class won with a total of 906 cans, and the class chose Mr. Chris Sievers to wrestle Cataldo.

“Our strategy was to wait and see to how many cans classes brought in and then we just topped them, and we also spent the $50 from the Federal Impact Aid Card to buy more,” senior Angela Stumpo said.

The top two classes that donated the most behind Montini’s were Mrs. Michelle Aaronson’s class with 695 cans and Sievers’ class with 643 cans.

The original prizes for winners were $60, $50, and $40, but because the amount of cans brought in surpassed SCA’s expectations, the top three classes each received ten dollars more than the original prize would have been.

“I think of us more as pioneers than losers because we set the precedent for bringing in ramen,” senior Christina Jefferson said about her class coming in second place.

Some individuals, like senior Stuart Ehrlich, invested time and money in collecting cans. He donated close to 600 items, spending around $50.

“I was motivated by seeing how many items others brought in and I felt I could do better,” Ehrlich said.

In addition to the already large donation from students, SCA matched the amount of cans that Montini’s class raised. SCA also offered more opportunities for students to bring in cans the following week by allowing them to drop them off at the basketball game and band concert.

Grafton High School donated the cans and money to the York County Food Closet. The Food Closet, which was established in 1973, serves those in need of food in Poquoson and York County. In 2016, the Food Closet helped over 2,300 people and hopes to increase that number during this year, according to their website,

The money that the school collected was transferred onto $10 Food Lion gift cards that were donated to the families who also received the cans. With these gift cards, it was expected that the receivers would purchase perishable items like fruits, vegetables, and meats since the York County Food Closet is unable to store perishable items for their clients because they don’t have a refrigerator.

Many students saw the canned food drive as an opportunity to positively influence their community.

“I think it’s great that we were able to come together as a school and help our community, both this year and last year,” junior Sydney Stanfield said.