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Comic Sans: Worthless or Brilliant

Allison Kenney, Sports Editor

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The font Comic Sans is perhaps one of the most well known fonts available on Microsoft applications. A casual sans-serif script font, Comic Sans is often used on informal banners, birthday cards, and to playfully mimic handwriting. So what’s the big deal?

Critics of the font have derailed it as being useless and one of the lesser evils of the world.

History teacher Mr. Wilson feels very strongly that Comic Sans is detrimental to society.

“It’s amateurish. I hate it,” Wilson said.

In Wilson’s classes, students face consequences if they turn in an assignment typed in Comic Sans.

“I have told them that I will take their paper, rip it up, put it on a small modeled ship on the York River, and set it on fire,” Wilson said.

Wilson is not the only one who views the font in a negative light. Of Grafton students interviewed, 31% said that they “hate” Comic Sans. Junior Alex Roper is one such student.

“Comic Sans looks like kindergarten lettering and makes quality writing seem terrible,” Roper said.

Despite this sizable amount of distaste for the font, there are many other individuals that are in favor of Comic Sans. Of the students polled, 19% described their feelings as “liking” the font.

In addition to these two groups, 21% of students reported feeling “neutral” about Comic Sans and 29% did not know the font well enough to give a concrete opinion about it.

Even its creator seems to have a somewhat conflicted opinion of his font.

“If you love it, you don’t know much about typography,” Connare said, according to BBC.

Connare, a font designer for Microsoft who is also responsible for fonts such as Wingdings and Trebuchet, created Comic Sans in 1994. He says that the iconic font was inspired by the fonts in comic books he owned at the time.

Although proud of his work, Connare also finds humor in the largely negative response people have to his font.

“Comic Sans is the best joke I ever told,”  Connare said, according to BBC.

The one aspect of Comic Sans that the majority of people seem to agree on is that it is not the worst font available on Microsoft applications.

“There are several fonts that are decidedly worse than Comic Sans: Wingdings, Papyrus, and all the illegible old script fonts,” Wilson said.

Out of these, Papyrus is commonly recognized as being the most inferior.

“Papyrus is really hard to read,” junior Mia Guajardo said.

Junior Lisa O’Grady also agreed that the font is worse than Comic Sans.

“Papyrus makes me uncomfortable,” O’Grady Said.

One thing about Comic Sans is clear: it will be a topic of debate for years to come.

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Allison Kenney, Sports Editor

In her free time, Allison enjoys making left turns for hours on end, binge watching Netflix, and eating gelato. She seeks to prove that doing nothing truly is possible and plans on attending a college with über comfy chairs in its library.


3 Responses to “Comic Sans: Worthless or Brilliant”

  1. Mr. Wilson on January 26th, 2018 1:49 am

    My daughter is three days old and she already recognizes that Comic Sans is a terrible font.

  2. Elaina Wilson on January 26th, 2018 1:53 am

    Also, this Connare character created Comic Sans AND Wingdings? Trebuchet I understand as it isn’t far off from Arial. But, Comic Sans AND Wingdings? This is very upsetting news.

  3. Joshua Wilson on January 26th, 2018 1:54 am

    That’s my baby! You get ’em!

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Comic Sans: Worthless or Brilliant