The truth about summer work

Lenore Dougherty, Editor in chief & Social Media

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Summer homework seems to be a huge discussion topic once school starts. All the students seem to have common dislike of summer homework, complaining once they get to school .

Is summer homework relevant? Do we need it? Why does it get assigned?

According to Mr.Wilson, an AP European history teacher, the summer assignment has the “intended purpose for students to have background information on the class and to get the students thinking in order to bridge the gap to the class.”

Though, he believes that, “there is value in relaxing and enjoying summer, and [the assignment] does not seem to serve the intended purpose and [he] does not know if [they] can create ones that do.”

Mr. Meade said, “It has some degree of benefit, though I have to re-teach the information.”

Among students there was a common view: “In some cases it is helpful, but it can be so extensive that it takes away from the break,” said Ellie Powell.

Haley Fowler, an 11th grader, said that “some expose you to what you learn and other assignments are just busy work.”

Lisa O’Grady’s summer homework took about two weeks to complete, taking from her summer. O’Grady said “it is okay when it introduces you to information but not for busy work”.

As it can be seen, summer homework is not favored by the majority of people.