The life of a busy bee


Samantha Heinz, Staff

Sophomore Sara Brown, manages her time with multiple extra-curricular activities. She takes weighted classes including Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Advanced English 10, AP European History, and Spanish 4.

Outside of school Brown is involved with marching band, indoor track, Model United Nations, and lacrosse.

When Brown does not have homework, she practices her clarinet or reviews material. However, it is rare for her not to have homework.

“On a weeknight my homework takes on average three to four hours,” Brown said.

Brown had to learn how to manage her time to complete all her assignments with the amount of activities she has. With her mom being the only guardian at home, while her dad is gone for work, Sara and her older sister have to help out around the house. There are nights where Brown has to make dinner for the family, adding to her already busy schedule.

On the weekends she barely has a break due to marching band competitions, during the fall. These competitions took away vital time; “Band was a big time commitment, but I love the way it makes me feel after each season I am sad it’s over,” Brown said.

Brown hangs out with her family when she gets the chance, which does not happen often. She tries to make time to hang out with friends, but it requires planning two weeks ahead.

During the Spring, she has lacrosse practice after school and games during the week. She plays for the school club team, and this upcoming season will be her second. “I am so excited for this season and I really want to make varsity!” Brown said.

Throughout the year she has three Model UN conferences that each last a whole weekend.

On Sundays, Brown attends class for church which is in the late afternoon or evening, depending on the day. Over the weekend, her homework gets done Sunday night, and on average she stays up until 10:30-11pm.

“Youth group is cool and all but sometimes I wish there was a break,” Brown said.

With all Sara Brown has on her plate she still manages to be a successful student.


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