Abeyounis joins Grafton High School

Hannah Andersen, Staff 2017-2019

Mr. Abeyounis joined Grafton High School for his first year of teaching. He is more than qualified for this job, due to the fact that he attended William and Mary for his undergraduate, University of South Carolina for his masters in history, and, finally, he attended CNU for his masters in teaching.

Abeyounis had not always desired to become a teacher. Originally, he planned to work for a museum. When this plan did not work out, he decided to become a teacher. “I love talking about history and during school I got you all trapped,” he said.

It is evident that he enjoys teaching history–especially World History.

“It [teaching] is like therapy, I’m still getting used to it,” Abeyounis said.

Abeyounis enjoys the freedom that the teachers here at Grafton High have.  He feels that at other schools, teachers have “their hands tied behind their back” when it comes to making decisions. However, his favorite part about Grafton High is all the wonderful students he has met so far.

“I certainly have no complaints, I’m very happy,” Abeyounis said.