Drawing the life of Ebersole

Claudia Hasenfang, Art Editor

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For the past 31 years, Heather Ebersole has been experimenting and building her skill in art. She began her career at age five by participating in school art classes; she excelled in the field with the proper help and guidance and began her art-filled journey.

Starting with sketches of Garfield and unicorns, Mrs. Ebersole’s art grew throughout the years.

As a high school student, her art teacher inspired her art. Having this influential figure in her life, Mrs. Ebersole came to the realization that she wanted to pursue a career in teaching art.

According to Mrs. Ebersole, art is a subject that is underappreciated in schools. “Tell me one thing artists didn’t design? Chairs, logos, buildings, even the pencil you’re writing with, was designed by artists,” Ebersole said.

Mrs. Ebersole’s favorite part about teaching is “watching student’s growth and seeing the ‘Ah-Hah’ moment,” Ebersole said.

Besides teaching art, Mrs. Ebersole draws and commissions drawings. Some of her recent art projects are below:

“Just try it, don’t be afraid to try it,” said Ebersole.