Behind the rivalry

Grafton football faces Tabb on October 20th and students comment on the rivalry

Samantha Gibbons, Staff


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Kalani McLean runs down the field.

Rivals Tabb and Grafton go head-to-head on October 20th, making it the first and only time the football teams play each other this season.


Last season, Grafton beat Tabb 29-26 during Tabb’s homecoming game. So far this year, Grafton is 1-6 and Tabb is 0-7, so both teams have a chance of winning the upcoming game.

“The rivalry between Grafton and Tabb is definitely there because it always brings out the best in both teams, and it’s always competitive when we play each other,” Senior Zach Roper said.

The rivalry has been heightened through the years with remarks from both sides rising tensions.

“We just always want to beat them. They always make a big deal about beating us so it makes us want to beat them,” junior Madeline Ruffieux said.

Although there is more anticipationn surrounding this game than others because of the rivalry, the football team is practicing for Friday’s game the same as the rest of the season.

“We prepare for Tabb the same way as everything else but with just more excitement,” said Demetrius Moore, a senior on the team.

Sophomore Brody Blaylock said they have not trained differently for the game because Tabb is not a significantly more challenging opponent than they are used to.

“The warm ups are the same, just more serious. I think we match up pretty evenly,” said Blaylock.

Both teams have had a losing season so far, Grafton with only one win and Tabb with none, so either team could win on Friday.

Remembering last year’s win against Tabb, Grafton players say they are excited to play the school again.

“It felt good to beat them last year. This year I think it should be a good game,” Moore said.