Happily ever after: prom edition

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Happily ever after: prom edition

Lindsay Hoffpauir, Co-Editor-in-Chief 2016-2018

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Grafton High School’s Prom took place on May 27, 2017 at the Newport News Marriott at City Center at 8 PM. Attendees were given the opportunity to dance the night away to music alongside fellow attendees, while dressed in black-tie event clothing. The night was also graced by the presence of foods, such as cheese trays, cheese cakes, and chocolate.

Most students enjoyed the experience, including senior Elizabeth Owens, “My favorite part of prom was seeing everyone all dressed up. I also really enjoyed seeing everyone dancing and just having a fun time. I think Prom was a really good end to our high school years and it was an awesome night I hope everyone looks forward to.”

Other students had differing opinions, such as senior, Miles Owens, who said, “I’m not a fan of big crowds, loud music, and dancing.”

Some students felt that the actual dance portion of prom was not worth attending, like senior, Taurus Hawk, who “felt like the $50 wasn’t worth it, especially since after prom was like $10.”

One highlight of the night was when the Prom King, Beau Wong, and Prom Queen, Malia Valentine were crowned. Valentine stated that she “really wanted to reenact the speech from Mean Girls, but they didn’t give [her] the chance. However, [she] was very elated to wear that crown like the true queen [she is].” Wong, who also won Homecoming King, said, “I really wasn’t expecting it. I’m raised to never expect recognition for anything, but to work hard regardless. That just made the moment even sweeter.”

Prom night is something that many look forward to, while usually only having the opportunity to attend the event once. However, some students, such as junior, Sydney Mann, got the opportunity to attend more than once when a senior asked her to accompany him. Mann felt that the night “was really fun because Grafton had a great DJ and I can’t wait for next year!”

Nonetheless, Prom was a special night. According to senior Amber Turlington, “I couldn’t have asked for a better prom night with my best friend. It was a magical night filled with tons of laughter and memories.”