The Bachelor Franchise: A Chance at Love or a Joke?

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The Bachelor Franchise: A Chance at Love or a Joke?

Christina Jefferson, Pop Culture Editor 2016-2017

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When asking one if they are a fan of the Bachelor, there can only be two responses.

One of them is a sigh and then a sheepish admission that they in fact enjoy the often cringe-worthy and awkward interactions of the show.

The other one is an overenthusiastic list of why the show is so wonderful and leads people to find the loves of their lives in an unconventional way.

Unconventional is an understatement. The show’s premise is one man or woman dating twenty-five of the opposite sex, and ultimately picking one to propose to.

This entails a lot of drama, crying, and heartfelt moments; the perfect recipe for a reality show. However, there has often been controversy over the show.

People of color have been lacking from the series and its spinoffs (Bachelor in Paradise and the Bachelor Pad). In fact, in the thirty seasons that the series has been on air there has been only one person who was not a White American: Juan Carlos.

Another problem people find with the show is that the couples rarely stay together. Only ten of the couples that get engaged at the end of the show have stayed together; three of those couples are still not married. (

Nevertheless, the small amount of successful relationship does not deter the fans from watching. There is something fascinating about the process; it’s almost like watching a train wreck: you just can’t look away.

This past season, Nick Viall, a season veteran three times over, found love with Vanessa. While fans loved Vanessa, Rachel was a fan favorite; and because of that she will be the first African American bachelorette in the franchise’s history.

Considering the show has been around for fifteen years, there is a reason why so many people love it. The prospect of love is something everyone wants to watch unfold no matter how ridiculous the means.