Spring Break: Should It Be Longer?

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Spring Break: Should It Be Longer?

Joelle Miller, Opinion Editor 2016-2017

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With warmer weather and flowers blooming, spring has finally arrived! Students especially look forward to this time because of spring break, in which they are granted time away from the workload and stress of school.

Grafton High School is granted a full week off from school, this year occurring from April 3-7, plus the two weekends both before and after that 5- day period. The one week long spring break is not uncommon, as the majority of high schools and colleges celebrate similar lengths. However, the prevalence of these short breaks does not necessarily speak to it’s popularity among students, nor to it’s effectiveness in revitalizing exhausted minds for the remainder of the year.

The argument can be made that such a short period of time does not allow for a full recovery from the pressures of school, especially due to the fact that promptly after the break, students are thrust into a period of stressing over exams to come in May, and then final exams and SOLs immediately after that. When students are only granted a week off of school, and are often still assigned work by some teachers to be completed over the break, it is difficult to fully relax and unwind.

A relatively short break also may prohibit family plans, as it does not allow for extensive vacations that families value when the weather gets warmer and more vacation destinations and activities are available. Because the break limits such vacations, students are often forced to miss a few days of school either prior to or following the break. This is an inconvenience not only for teachers who must accommodate for the missing students (it is often a large amount come the last day before break), but also for students who find themselves behind in certain classes.

Jules Patel, a junior who is traveling to Arizona over break, commented “this year I am leaving for Arizona on the Thursday before spring break, meaning I have to miss some school. This is an inconvenience because some teachers will still assign work on those last few days, and having to stress over whether I will be behind is no fun. If break started earlier, or ended later, then I probably would not have to worry about it at all.”

Families all over York County share similar views, who desire a longer vacation time.

Joey Salomon, also a junior, noted “Spring break should be longer than a week because most people go on vacations for at least a week, so if spring break is barely a week then they won’t have enough time to get their school work done.”

More specifically, Joey added that “Juniors have college visits in which they need more time to accommodate the differing locations and tours to complete their desired university visits.”

Such a short spring break is impractical and does not accommodate the lives of students or their families. Year- round, students and parents are busy working and studying; spring break should be a substantial time to unwind before jumping back into the remainder of the school year.