Post Season Progressors

Mackenzie Peeke, Sports Editor 2017-2018

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As this year’s girl’s basketball team finishes their season they have acquired quite a commendable record of 15-7. Continuing on to post season, they have a game this Wednesday at Grafton.

While talking to some of the players on the team it was evident that they had what Kelsey Hare stated was a, “family atmosphere,” in which everyone comes together over the love of the sport and close bond they share with one another. As Kiaraa stated “we are serious when need be and fun at the appropriate times,” this is the team attitude that brought the girls to have such a great season.

When asked about how being on Varsity Basketball has changed themselves throughout the years the girls responded with a great admiration for the repercussions that have followed from playing their sport. Kiaraa explained to me that, “It taught me that without teamwork, you will not succeed,” then adding later adding that being on the team has, “honestly been an amazing experience.” Sharing that same sentiment player Kierson Tavares, while talking about her time on Varsity and her injury this year, stated that, “[it] made me realize that I should go all out and have no regrets when I play.”

Behind every great team is a great coaching staff, which is exactly what I noticed while talking to the team. The coaches, Bayse and Pat, were described as being “passionate,” “big hearted,” and “dedicated” to the team. Providing things such as scouting reports, offensive, and defensive strategies of the other teams the coaches assure that there team is fully prepared for any game they have to play. This is just a glimpse into a few examples of the many ways in which the coaches aid the girls basketball team throughout their season and post season.

The girls have a promising post season ahead of them, continuing on and giving it their all. With the trajectory their on, there is no doubt they will go far. I’m very excited to hear about the upcoming game, let’s go clippers!